We decided to head to Uguisudani after school for lunch and there were 123456789 hotels and information centres. Well, not your regular hotels but love hotels. It seems like every corner we turned, there’s a love hotel and an information centre.


We wanted to get some cakes for ourselves and our friends but before we head to the cake shop, we had to have lunch first. We decided to stop at the first food shop we see and it was a ramen store. Well, how can we say no to ramen?




I always order 「醤油チャーシュー麺」or “shoyu chashu ramen” which is soy sauce roasted pork ramen.


For 950yen, it was good and I would definitely come back for this.

横浜家系ラーメン(鶯谷)Yokohama Iekei Ramen

1-2-20 Negishi, Taito-ku, Tokyo.

How to get there:
Exit from the south exit of Uguisudani station. Turn to your left and there’s a bridge. You will be able to see the railway on your left. Go down the flight of stairs and walk straight to the end of the street. Right before the traffic crossing is the ramen store.



Once we were done, it was time to get our cakes. The cake shop was around 15 minutes away from the ramen store. Uenosakuragi is definitely a quiet place and there aren’t many food stores around.


We finally found the cake shop and even though the store is small, there is a doorman outside and the interior looks really classy. There was a queue when we got there and since the shop was small, it was a little difficult to move around. A staff will take your order and you will wait for around 10 minutes while she prepares them. The staff will ask how long it takes for you to get home so that they know how many ice packs to put in together.

Once she packed your cakes, you will then pay for them and oh god, have I mentioned how much I love Japanese customer service? Because they will send you off at the door and they will bow until you leave. I can never get used to this excellent service.




I bought these four: fruit tart, strawberry shortcake, matcha chocolate and chocolate.

You can view their cakes on their website

Most of their cakes range from 410yen to 590yen and out of the four, I enjoyed matcha chocolate the most so I would recommend getting it. I can’t wait to try the rest of the cakes next time!

Patissier Inamura Shozo

〒110-0002, 2-19-8 Uenosakuragi, Taito, Tokyo

Opening hours:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday to Sunday: 10a.m to 7p.m.
If Monday is a public holiday, the store will be closed on Tuesday.
Do check their website under 「定休日お知らせ」for the list of their closing days.

How to get there:
From the Yokohama Iekei Ramen shop, turn to the left and walk straight down. Once you see 「すき家」cross the road and walk further down. You will see a carpark and on the right, there’s a flight of stairs. Go up and at the top of the bridge, walk further down. If you see a graveyard on your left and a kindergarten on the right, you know you are walking the correct way. Walk further down until you see a convenience store on the right. There’s a traffic light ahead, and cross to the right. After you cross, walk straight down and you will be able to see a cafe and the cake store.


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