If you are a cat and cafe lover, Yanaka Ginza is a place you should definitely visit. A short distance walk from Nippori Station and when you arrive at this street, you will see the signboard that says 「谷中ぎんざ」and you know you are the right place.



This shop is known for their cat tail shaped donuts. There are a variety of cat tails and each tail is a different flavor. We asked the staff which tail is the most popular and she recommended the Tiger’s (hiragana:とら romaji: tora) tail.


The Tiger’s tail is 150yen and to be honest, the taste is nothing special but I am a sucker for cute stuff so if you are like me, do give it a try!

Right beside this store, is a store that sells croquette, fried chicken, fried ebi and other fried food and they sell their croquette for 30yen! They do sell lunch bentos for 200yen as well.


It’s veggie croquette and even though I don’t like corn and peas, this croquette taste really good – plus it’s cheap! Now that I had this, I don’t ever want to get the 148yen ones in the supermarket. Of course there are other types of croquettes, but if you wish to get this, this is called 「やさいコロッケ」or in romaji, it’s called “Yasai Korokke”.


There are other shops that sell different fried food and most sell a piece for 100yen.


This street is practically cat themed so how can we miss out cat shaped taiyaki?



There are different flavors like cream, matcha but the one I bought was beef stew. It was good in my opinion, and it cost 200yen.


They sell takoyaki as well and if I remember correctly, it’s 6 for 360yen.



It’s winter right now and it was really cold that afternoon so of course we had to get ourselves a cup of warm soup. It’s a tomato based soup and there are vegetables, beans, sausages and bacon in it. A cup cost 300yen, it’s cheap and it fills you up.



Most cafes do have english menus so if you are not able to read Japanese, you don’t have to worry!







I am in love with the aesthetic of this street. Food in most cafes range from 1000yen to 1500yen and there are so many cafes along the street so it’s really difficult to choose. Most cafes are small as well, and I’m guessing maximum capacity would be around 10 to 15 people.


This street has a couple of flower shops as well so if you love plants, they do sell them at a cheap price.


If you love cats and wish that your apartment looks like this, there are shops that sell everything – socks, bento box, earrings, fork, spoons – you name it, they have it.


I have found myself in the form of a cat. Also, I want everything from this shop.


On the way back, I bought a sugar senbei for 70yen. There are other flavors as well and I forgot to take a picture of the shop (cause I was so excited that it was snowing…. for 3 minutes) but while walking to Yanaka Ginza, this shop is located on the left so it’s hard to miss it.

I can’t believe that this place is located so near my school so I can foresee myself coming to this place often to get my 30yen croquette. Of course I would be trying the different cafes and when I do, I’ll definitely blog about it. Many local celebrities have come to Yanaka Ginza (as seen from the photos in the shops) but I wish it would be more well known among people. The atmosphere is calming, the food is cheap and good, lots of cat goods and cafes so I recommend this place to everyone who is living here or coming to Japan.

〒110-0001 3-13-1 Taito, Yanaka, Tokyo.

How to get there:
Exit from Nippori Station (Yamanote Line, Joban Line, Keihin-Tohoku Line, Keisei Line, Nippori-Toneri Liner) West Exit. After exiting from the West, turn to your left. Walk straight down and you will pass by a graveyard. You will see a 7-11 ahead of you. Cross to the right and you will see a temple. Continue walking straight down and you will see the flight of stairs and you have arrived at Yanaka Ginza!



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